It has already been a month!

Golly gosh, just as the title reads, it has already been a month. One whole month of studying in Canada. And…I…am…loving it! I have made some great friends and the teachers here are awesome (not as awesome as you Devon XD).

My favourite teacher has to be Patrick. He teaches Arthurian Tradition and he is so passionate about this subject. But, he is also super down-to-earth and just great fun. He is fairly new so, still learning how everything works. It is great was things go wrong as he just stands there, panicking. Or he shouts at whatever it is. LOL.

The weather has been very sticky and humid, bleugh, the worst. I can’t wait for the cold weather. I have also joined loads of clubs and societies. Busy, busy, busy.

Well, I guess that’s it really. I mean, there’s not much more to say. Just I miss you all and I am having loads of fun xxxx

Side note: Criminal Minds was awesome last Wednesday. So psyched for this season. Oh, and OUaT is back this Friday!


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