It has been about Drei Monate

Drei Monate! A whole three months! That’s how long it has been, since my last post. Well,  to be fair, I have been rather busy. Busy with friends, busy sorting out Canada, just…busy. So very busy.

However, I don’t mean to leave such big gaps between the posts. I have been here, there and everywhere.

I went to Maybelthorpe with Sara for 10 days. I went to stay with a pal of mine, who goes by the name Psychopath (she knows who she is 😉) and then I stayed with Martin for a few days. And tomorrow? I am off to Bournemouth for one final orgy hurrah with peep-op-pull before heading to Canada.

It is all happening so fast. I will be on the airplane next Friday. planeTravelling alongside Bhinduka. All the way to the birthplace of Micheal Bublé. For nine months!

Well, that’s it…for now. I am hoping to do another one soon.

Tatty-bye xxx

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