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I know that it has been rather long time since I first wrote on here but, I been busy with Uni works and, I recently downloaded a new game on my tablet called Doctor Who Legacy and, sweet baby Jesus, it is addictive.

Plus, I have been writing/updating my fan-fictions. So many fan-fictions. There will hopefully be some put on here soon. No telling when though. I have a Sherlock one, multiple Criminal Minds ones, OUaT ones, A RotG mixed with Frozen one. Not to mention, many others bubbling in my brain.

Also, I have only just turned 22 so I have been celebrating getting one year closer to death. LOL, I kid. But I have been celebrating.

I recently saw Moana at the cinema with my boyfriend. If you haven’t seen it, then brave-cartoon-dishonor-disney-favim-com-1169836

But, seriously, you need to see it. WARNING – the songs are catchy AF.

Not sure if it will work but, this is me singing ‘How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana:

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